How to stop the seizures in a small dog.

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Today we were ready to go for a walk with Eddie (he’s my small lovely dog).
It was cold outside, and I put a jacket on him.

Suddenly, before we went out, my Eddie started having seizures. During this
time he is powerless, compressed, and his rear legs give out, which makes
him unable to stand. At that moment he cannot walk and he trembles.


These seizures can go on for several minutes. The first time when this
happened, we ran to the veterinary clinic. Eddie did a blood test, and the
doctor found that he was dehydrated. Now I try to check how much water he
drinks during the day to ensure he is hydrated.
But if the attack happens again, I learned how to stop it in only a few
minutes. I have a small syringe that our doctors had given to us with some medicine from the veterinary clinic last time.


This syringe is very convenient to operate.
I fill it with water and pour into the mouth of Eddie around 5 times.


After that, we take a break for 5 minutes, and repeat again. First he stops to

Again we take a break for 5 minutes and repeat it.
The total dose is somewhere in 100 milliliters of water- you have to ensure
that this is done gradually.
I continue until he gets better, and he runs away from me. This method
allows my dog to recover quickly.


The seizures can be singular and passes quickly, and is therefore not too
However, there are some cases where the animal struggles for its life, in
which case the seizure can become extremely dangerous. This situation can
occur when:
• cramps do not go away in ten minutes;
• seizures are repeated two or more times per day;
• repeated seizures that start in the rehabilitation period after the previous
These cases can result in brain damage and other permanent issues. In these
cases, try to stay as cool and collected as possible, and bring your pet to the
clinic as quickly and safely as you can. Also, please note that if your pet has
never had a seizure before, you should bring it to the vet immediately for a
check up, as there could be some other underlying medical issues.
Be safe and healthy !



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