My trip to Japan – Japanese Railways Part 1.

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The best way to see Japan is by train. 


The coolest thing that we did before the trip, was that we bought the JR (Japanese Railways) pass. You can buy it for a week, two weeks and etc., but only while being outside of Japan. I have used the following link:


Then you could exchange it for the actual pass at the special points noted on the website upon arrival. This allows you to ride on all lines of the JR system quickly, easily and on time.This allows you to ride on all lines of the JR system quickly, easily and on time.


Don’t think that the scheme of traveling by train is very complicated. When you show your pass to the controller, you can ask him which train goes to your destination. The controller will explain to you the line, the platform, the time of the nearest train of departure.


Generally, the Japanese are very polite people. Even if they do not know how to explain something in English, they will take you by the hand and take you to the nearest place, where you will understand where to go next.JR-STATION

At the train stations, there are a lot of information points, where you will be given free maps and tourist books. So you will start to orient very quickly.Japanese-train-insideIf you are traveling a long distance, reserve your seat in advance to ensure your comfort.Japanese-trainThe JR system also includes ferries.JR-ferry-boatJR-ferryJR-ferry-out

There are very beautiful central stations like Tokyo stationtokyo-stationKyoto stationKyoto-stationKyoto-station-fontan You could try to find the rain clock in the Osaka station -made from drops.Osaka-water-clockI think that this JR pass has saved us money three times.



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