Ueno Park in Tokyo and food on the street. Japan – part 3.

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Ueno Park is the first public park in Japan with a huge history since 1625.Ueno-Park-in-Tokyo

Like other large parks in Tokyo, it becomes especially popular during the cherry blossom season.
The Japanese come with their entire family.


Spread out blankets around the main avenue.
Serenely spend whole days overeating, and drinking, and singing karaoke.
Japan-food-street4These streets are a lot of people, like at the demonstration and that’s when street food comes to the rescue!
Japan-food-street98There are hot cookies made over dipped grill forms.
Japan-food-street95Various shish kebabs.
Japan-food-street87Balls of octopus.
Japan-food-street86 Fried Corn.
Japan-food-street85Salad on flatbread.
Zucchini on a stick.
Japan-food-street88Fried potatoes.Japan-food-street83
Different shapes and sizes.
Japan-food-street10Real crab sticks.


Bananas in chocolate.
Japan-food-street3Turkey legs.
Japan-food-streetMore corn..
More food!


If you do not want to eat, you can ride on the duck boat while talking with real duck!Japan-food-street93Japan-food-street92

The Ueno park located throughout the huge grounds which are famous for viewing cherry blossom, is a Zoo, an art gallery, museum and more. On JR look for Ueno Station.


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