Beauty, Health and Longevity Recipe.

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Beauty, Health, and Longevity – they are interdependent concepts! But what is the secret to these concepts?
well, the secret is much simpler than you think-water!
Ancient philosophers considered one of the most significant aging factors of the body to be dehydration. Dehydration leads to the thickening of the blood and lymphatic system, and decreases skin and muscle elasticity, as well as creates headaches and pains in the joints (as well as many other problems).
So what do you need to do to avoid dehydration?
The answer is simple – to hydrate the body by drinking water, hence saturating it with moisture.
But when, how, and what kind of water should you drink?
Water is an energetic storage and information provider. In order to have the proper energetic transmission in the body, you need to have plenty of water in your organism, and the water needs to be from a clean source (see my article about water in the home page).
According to ancient Yogis advise, we should be drinking water in the morning, however, the water should be around 40 C degrees.
Why warm water? Cold water will not be absorbed and will, therefore, be warmed in the stomach using energy from the kidneys. Since this energy is extremely valuable and should be used to break down food and get rid of toxins, cold water would increase the efforts that the kidneys must make. In addition, water should not be ingested with food, otherwise, the water will be used for the digestive process, rather than hydration, and will not pass into the intestines for proper hydration! Therefore, you can drink with food to aid the digestion, but you also need to make an effort to drink water on its own, without food. So the water must be warm and consumed on an empty stomach!
Recently I ran into to a friend that is 55 years old but looks 40. I asked her: “What are you doing?” She said that once upon a time, she came across valuable advice in a magazine about a morning “tea”, and has been following it for over 30 years.I liked her advice and decided to try it out myself. After I realized how well it worked for me, I decided to share it on my blog.
Here is a simple recipe for the secret of health, longevity, and beauty.
• Water – 1 big glass
• Lemon – 1 teaspoon of juice
• Honey -1 teaspoon
• Olive oil -1 teaspoon
I boil water, and add cool water to it, in order to bring it to 40 degrees C.
I add a teaspoon of honey (get organic and unpasteurized).
Then I mix the teaspoon of olive oil
squeeze a little lemon
and drink
The drink has a pleasant taste! Your next meal could be consumed half an hour after the drink is ingested.
And what do you get as a result? The water goes directly to the per cellular space, instead of inside the cells (intracellular water), this results in reduced swelling in the body. Intercellular water thins the blood and the lymphatic system and reduces blood sugar and cholesterol. In addition, the lack of water accumulates overnight due to the body’s continued operations, meanwhile, there is actually no consumption of water. Therefore, the first hydrating drink of the day is really crucial, and should be warm “tea”.
Drinking water in the morning on an empty stomach washes out toxins, undigested food remnants from the walls of the stomach, and promotes the emptying of the colon.  Half an hour after ingesting this water recipe above, you can have breakfast.
The healthy operation of the digestive system provides for the proper assimilation of nutrients. What’s more, is that water has beneficial effects on the nervous system by relieving stress (there is a known recipe- after a stressful situation, sip a glass of hot water slowly – and you will immediately help the body”dissolve” stress without harm to the body). In addition, the lemon also adds vitamin C, which aids in improving the immune system with honey. The olive oil cleans the kidneys and makes the skin more elastic and radiant.
One last note – those who drink hot water in the morning, have far fewer wrinkles, which is confirmed by many Estheticians.
Be healthy and beautiful and live the lifelong!



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