Spring in Alberta. Short notes from my camera view.

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This year the spring began unexpectedly quickly, especially after such a long winter. Over one day, it felt like summer arrived.


Spring at Banff- we stayed with my parents at Banff Rocky Mountain Resort in a small cottage. Banff is such beautiful tourist town in the mountains.

Spring-in-Alberta43My favorite place in Banff is Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. This is a luxury hotel that was built during the 19th century as one of Canada’s grand railway hotels. Marilyn Monroe has visited the place in 1953.

The Banff Springs Hotel is located in the Rocky Mountains, just above the Bow Falls,


By the thermal springs.thermal-springs-Banff

A place of amazing beauty, where mountains, nature, people, and animals synchronize in perfect harmony.


It is not uncommon if you meet a wild deer, moose, cougar, or bear. One early morning I went out with my little dog, we walked along a bicycle path through the forest. Eddie usually likes to walk, but on that day he pulled me back towards the house. Suddenly, I heard the crunch of a branch and looked up. Between the trees, I saw a large grey wolf running. I thought – What do I do?

I flew out from the forest to the freeway full of cars. I thought, if the wolf pursues me, then I can stop the cars and ask for help. To my relief, the wolf did not follow me. I returned to the home in which we lived.

Spring-in-Alberta89 I did not even think of photographing the wolf but believe me, he looked exactly the same as in the portrait above the fireplace.


Walks in the forest, admiring the waking nature.


What could be better?


Johnston Canyon is one of the most popular day hikes in Banff National Park.


We enjoy hiking to Johnston Canyon’s frozen waterfalls.


When I returned to Calgary I started to work in my garden.


It’s what I love the most 🙂


I had help from a big bumblebee


and small ladybugs.


The flowers tried to break the dry branches.


The riot of colors and the desire for life.


That’s what drives nature.


The final concerts are held in the music and dance schools.


See how our children are so similar to flowers 🙂


I had an amazing time at the school band concert.


My youngest daughter graduated from the high school.

Spring-in-Alberta64 She was playing with the band in the Graduation ceremony.


Banquet and Dance 2018


The gray geese arrived again.


The streets have blossomed.


Sam is wondering: how it’s spring there?funny-pet

Today is the last day of spring. Tomorrow is the first day of summer. Calgary is ready …



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