Real Old Fashion Taste of Homemade Sour Cream

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Sour cream – one of the most popular and useful dairy products in my house. But how useful this product really is, only a few know. The fact is that the cream absorbed by the human body is much better milk or cheese.
The real sour cream needs to consist of the only cream. But when you buy it in the store you can see – how many “other” ingredients it included:
Real-Sour-Cream1Let’s cook the REAL sour cream at home.
Take cream their fat content shall not be less than 10%, otherwise, it will not work.
Compare the cream ingredients at the store before you buy it.
Real-Sour-Cream4 The ideal is just #2.
Real-Sour-Cream3Pour the cream into the prepared container.
Real-Sour-Cream5To start the fermentation process should be prepared 1tbsp because it includes bacterial culture.
Real-Sour-Cream6Connect prepared ingredients and mix everything.
Leave for 36 hours at room temperature. During this time, weight should acquire the necessary consistency.
Real-Sour-Cream7Then put everything in the refrigerator and in a few hours it can be used.
Easy and healthy!



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