Hello! My name is Yael and I am mom.


Irina is my oldest daughter and Maya is my younger daughter.

And we happily run this blog together!
Irina is vegetarian and Maya is a vegan. They are an amazing and creative cooks.

We all live in Canada, where we fell in love with other
types of cuisines, such of Asian cuisine: Chinese,
Vietnamese, Japanese, etc.
We now cook a variety of worldly cuisines, with our own
spin. Both my daughters have been vegetarian since
childhood, by their own choice, and because of that, I have
to cook two meals at home, as the older generation cannot
give up meat.
Our family loves to travel around the world and discover
different countries, cultures, and specialties. I invite you on
a journey with me, and will share with you what I was
particularly impressed to see and try, through our journey
around the world.
I will be sharing my most delicious recipes, and recipes
from our antique recipe book, and we will discuss any topic
that we are interested in: healthy lifestyle, proper diet, the
secret of youth, etc. through this website.
All of the recipes are tested and approved by my family. All
of the photography is done by my daughter or myself.
Join us – on our amazing adventure through life!