My Homemade Herbal First Aid Kit
I would like to share with you my homemade first aid kit, what I recommend you always have at home. First – the products do not include unnatural ingredients and don’t have side effects.
Secondly – I have tested the list below on my kids and family members for years.

Here is the recipe below that I can recommend you to prevent the complicated disease just in the beginning of the illness.As soon as somebody feels sick – to reduce the severity of their cold and have fewer symptoms I make the cocktail of:

  • Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Oral Demulcent Sore Throat Syrup (No.2) – 1 tbs
  • Oil of Oregano (No.1) – 7 drops
  • Propolis (No.4) -15 drops
  • Echinacea (No3) -15 drops
  • Vitamin C – 1000mg- per day
  • And drink a cup of echinacea tea.

 Try to drink a lot, to help your body clean yourself from germs and viruses.

Also, I apply White Tiger balm (No.5) before bedtime – Bach ho Hoat Lac Cao- detail explanation please read below.Go to sleep. Next day you will feel much better.Repeat 3 times every day for 5 days.

For children, please see the doze instruction in every product. If you don’t feel improvement after 2 days, you must see your doctor.

My friends constantly ask me where to buy the stuff, and finally, I was bored and I have prepared the links above with a short explanation of where I buy the health and wellness products. Which are cheaper than any health food store! Please feel welcome to use my collection.
No1. Oregano oil
One lab test in 2001 found that oregano oil was effective in killing Staphylococcus bacteria, and another published laboratory study out of the UK found that it showed effectiveness against 25 different bacteria.
It fights cold and flu keeps your digestive tract healthy and soothes problem skin (but don’t put on the broken or sensitive skin, as it can be irritating.)
One problem it tastes terrible. You could try it in capsules or mix it with syrup.

No2. Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Oral Demulcent Sore Throat Syrup – Cough and Sore Throat
Syrup – Herbs. I have tested on kids and adults. It does work very well.

No3. Echinacea – is one of the most popular herbs in America today. Echinacea is a Native American medicinal plant named for the prickly scales in its large conical seed head, which resembles the spines of an angry hedgehog (echinos is Greek for hedgehog).
The Echinacea contains active substances that boost immune function, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and have hormonal, antiviral, and antioxidant effects.
For general immune system stimulation, during colds, flu, upper respiratory tract infections, or bladder infections, take Echinacea 3 times a day until you feel better, but not for more than 10 days.
DO NOT take Echinacea on an empty stomach. Instead, take it with food or a large glass of water.

No4. Propolis Bees produce a compound called propolis from the sap on needle-leaved
trees or evergreens. Propolis is thought to have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. The bee product appears to provide protection from some bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

No5. White Tiger balm – Bach ho Hoat Lac Cao – Vietnam product Transdermic Analgesic Cream.
Common cold symptoms like a runny nose, cough, sore throat, bronchial
For pains in muscles and joints, rheumatic diseases and osteoarthritis, neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, disc and back pain, muscle tension, such as neck stiffness
If pain from sports injuries such as sprains, bruises, sprains.
In connection with sports massage. If there is itching from insect bites.
The affected areas should be treated for 2 to 4 times daily. Apply the balm always thinly and, at least 5 minutes, lightly massage. The skin does not rub too hard. Avoid accidental contact with mucous membranes, eyes and open skin.

Do not use in children under 5 years or a sensitivity to the ingredients.

No6. Tiger Balm – China product is a legendary pain relieving product developed for a Chinese emperor more than a century ago during the Ching Dynasty. It could be signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficult breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. Stop using it and call your doctor at once if you have it.



Tiger Balm White’s unique formulation of herbal ingredients provides fast, safe, and effective relief for minor joint and muscle pain, and minor aches associated with arthritis or back pain.



When you’re ready to nuke the pain, you’re ready for Tiger Balm Ultra.

This non-staining ointment contains the strongest concentration of Tiger Balm’s herbal ingredients to provide penetrating heat to muscles.

One application gives you fast, warm, comforting relief for joint and muscle pain, stiff muscles, arthritis in the hands and joints, backaches caused by overexertion, and even backaches during pregnancy.

No7. Pau d’arco (Tabebuia avellanedae) is native to South America, where it has been used to treat a wide range of conditions, including pain, arthritis, inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis), fever, dysentery, boils and ulcers, and various cancers.  Pau d’arco contains chemical compounds called naphthoquinones, specifically lapachol and beta-lapachone. They seem to have antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. They also contain significant amounts of the antioxidant quercetin.

Do not give pau d’arco to infants or children.

No8. Chlorella is a type of algae that grows in fresh water. As a medicine, chlorella is used for preventing cancer, reducing radiation treatment side effects, stimulating the immune system, improving response to flu vaccine, increasing white blood cell counts (especially in people with HIV infection or cancer), preventing colds, protecting the body against toxic metals such as lead and mercury, and slowing the aging process.

Chlorella is also used to increase “good” bacteria in the intestine in order to improve digestion; and to help treat ulcers, colitis, Crohn’s disease, and diverticulosis.

Some people also use chlorella for the prevention of stress-related ulcers; treatment of constipation, bad breath, and hypertension; as an antioxidant; to reduce cholesterol;

No9. Maca is a root grown in the Andes Mountains in Peru. Peruvian maca root is an adaptogen, a substance that increases the body’s resistance to the damaging effects of stress and disease—a main reason why it can help fight symptoms of chronic fatigue and contribute to overall wellbeing. Traditionally, maca has also been used to regulate, support, and balance hormonal systems for both men and women, and much more!

For me Mood balance is important. Maca may help to alleviate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression by balancing hormones with its unique set of nutrients that fuel the endocrine system.

No10. Black walnut is used as an aid to the digestive system and in cases of a weak immune system, glandular problems, and skin disorders. Black walnut helps kill parasitic agents in the intestines.

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