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My name is Irina, and some of my favorite things in the world include traveling, playing with my animals, and hanging out with family and friends. My mom is Yael, and
we run our website together, along with the input of grandmother (her name is also Irina). When I am not working, I enjoy occupying myself with home design, hot
yoga, painting, and cooking easy and delicious recipes.Most of my recipes are their plant based, or vegetarian. I was born in Moldova, at the time it was part of the USSR,
but I don’t remember much of it, as we moved to Israel when I was only two years old. That is why, Israel is near and dear to my heart, and the place I call home, where
people are warm, and the food is delicious. My mom always jokes that the Israeli national sport is food, and it the heart of every holiday and Friday night dinner with
family and friends. These dinners and family gatherings is something that I really miss living in Canada.
I come from a line of great creative cooks. In fact, when I visit my aunt’s house, she often cooks three meals a day for us. That is probably the best part of visiting them
When I was younger, my parents would send me to my grandparent’s house in Kishinev, where I saw firsthand how vegetables and fruits were grown in their summer home.
I was also a witness of pickling fruits and vegetables from our very own garden, and traditional wine making. The flavors of the two countries are very different. Israel is full of Middle Eastern flavors such as Arabic, Moroccan, Russian,Turkish, etc. whereas Moldova has completely different spices and even the vegetables and herbs used are
somewhat different. Nevertheless, I enjoyed both cuisines for different reasons.When      I was in Kishinev, I also learned a lot from my grandmother and great-grandmother, as both of them were doctors. In fact my great grandmother was a pediatrician and also tried to heal kids with herbs without giving them excess western medicine which would result in side effects. I really admired her for that, and that’s where my love for natural medicine began.
We moved to Canada when I was 14 years old, and it was a really tough transition at the time, as my English was not exactly fluent. Regardless, I learned a lot living in Canada,
and met many interesting and amazing people from different cultures. I also met my wonderful husband here. In Canada I began getting more interested in natural medicine, and where I took my love of research to new depths. I can spend hours researching remedies, the effect of herbs and spices, and how to include these remedies in recipes when I cook. I also feel a great connection to ancient civilizations, and how people healed each other with both traditional medicine, energy, meditation and traditional rituals. I find them absolutely fascinating. I am hoping that this website will give me the space to explore these interests, and maybe help somebody else learn from my research.
Join me, as we explore delicious and nutritious food, health and exercise tips, and travel tips from me to you.


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