My furry family!

I have one dog, his name is Eddie and he is a Pomeranian. He is close to eight years old. My oldest daughter gifted him to me, and now he is my best friend. Eddie likes to bark way too much, but he believes it is his job to protect the house and me.

My daughter has four of the cutest cats. Her oldest cat is named Snowy. He grew up with Eddie, and because of that, Eddie now thinks he is a cat and loves cats. When Eddie sees a cat on the street, he runs to say hello, and I am afraid that the cat will not understand his happiness!

The second cat is named Flare. She came from the shelter, and because of that, she shows undivided love and gratitude. She is big and fluffy! Our third cat’s name is Panda (because he looks like a Panda), and was a Christmas gift. He loves cuddles and belly rubs. The last cat showed up from relatives that became allergic to him, and his name is Coco. His favorite hobby is eating, and he is very relaxed and good with other pets and kids. Sometimes he goes to play with the neighbor’s kids and comes home covered in pink chalk. Our cats are wonderful and funny, and each one of them has their own personality.

I also enjoy babysitting my friend’s dogs when they are away because you can never have too many pets.

We love our cats and dogs so much!

I hope you will enjoy reading about my cute little pets and see their pictures!

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